This blog is a collection of the more well-thought-out things I posted at snowflakeespecial.tumblr.com. I am more active there, but feel free to comment and/or contact me at either place.

I was born male. I transitioned after high school and have been living as a girl/woman ever since. I am now approaching middle age.

I live pretty much stealth, meaning that strangers and friends seem to think that I’m female. I only discuss my past with a small group of very close friends, and my family.

When I was a teenager, I was very active as a trans activist. This was in the early 90’s, so it coincided with the birth of the modern transgender political movement. I left trans activism around the time to Trans Day of Remembrance started, because mostly what I saw in it was a bunch of middle class white people with aspirational “transgender identities” appropriating the narratives and murders of trans women of color who actually had been living as women (or clearly marked as non-men) 24/7, resources be damned.

After a decade of being out of touch with trans politics, I was horrified to discover that trans activism had morphed into a male’s rights movement, where trans women (males) were calling lesbians a “hate group” for not accepting penis as a female organ. And organizing workshops on “overcoming women’s barriers to having piv sex with trans women” aka pickup artist/rape tactics. And making multiple death and rape threats against women who dared to say that female oppression is sex-based.

I feel some personal responsibility because I helped get this boat (trans politics) started, but it’s gone completely off-course. I can’t in good conscience sit by while 45 year old men who transitioned last week are claiming their “gender identity” makes their crime of indecently exposing themselves to high school girls “normal female behavior”. Sorry dude, Not in My Name!

I love and support all trans women who are honest about themselves, their motivations, and their lived realities. And in a more general sense, I have a lot of compassion for everyone who is hurt by the system of gender – females, gender non-conforming males, and even so-called “cis” men (because under gender, men have to kill all of the vulnerable parts of themselves, which I’m sure is extremely painful). But this fantasy world of trans politics is over.

First and foremost, I want to move this conversation forward. I welcome any and all thoughtful comments, whether or not you agree with my writing. Debate and discussion is really important. But I won’t entertain people who are living in a delusional fantasy world, or obviously lying about their motivations. And please don’t try to “educate me” with trans 101 bullshit, because I’m one of the people who helped codify the modern trans 101! And guess what – postmodernism is bullshit, and we were wrong!


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